Erotic massage in Kiev

Erotic massage salon in Kiev “King” invites you to feel the rest worthy of emperors and kings of antiquity. Escape from the oppressive everyday life and give yourself an incomparable pleasure of relaxation from our gentle masseuses.

The interior of our salon

We are located on st. Zhilyanskaya, 110

(near the Central Railway Station)

tel. + 38 (068) 667-03-20

Erotic massage in the erotic salon King

We are the best on the market for erotic massage services, thanks to an individual approach to clients, attention to detail and affordable prices. Erotic massage in Kiev is the place where we can fulfill all your courageous desires, as well as relieve you of fatigue, bringing tart notes of relaxation into your life. A massage of a similar orientation is aimed not only at the physical relaxation of your body, but also at the psychological one. After all, our lovely masseuses, with their appearance, as well as certain manipulations, will make you forget about the gray days. All you have to do is call by phone to name the type of massage that you can choose on our special page, upon arrival we will meet you and make sure that you have only the most pleasant emotions and memories. Erotic massage not only tones up and has a healing effect on literally every system of the human body, but is also able to bring them into a state of balance and harmony. Our adorable masseuses will carefully pay attention to every inch of your body and will not ignore any muscle, which will ensure the organic activity of your body, from the tips of your toes to the head. Unusual ideas and talent of our lovely girls will allow you to experience complete relaxation and light ecstasy, satisfying both the soul and the body. We have created all the necessary conditions for your ideal holiday! If you do not resort to special terminology, erotic massage is the most effective means of relaxation – it is a good rest, an opportunity to be filled with new strength or just relax. After all, this is not only a mechanical effect on certain parts of your body. The central nervous system plays a leading role in this important way of healing. In addition to the external result (tonic effect, healing processes), massage allows you to achieve harmony and balance of the main systems of the human body.

We invite you to the sensual world of erotic massage, unforgettable sensations and the fulfillment of unusual fantasies!

Here you will forget about reality and get incredible pleasure, complete harmony and satisfaction.
The very procedure of a relaxing massage for men in our salon is imbued with an extraordinary aura: the smell of incense, calm music, charming and alluring touches of professional masseuses. We provide you with a unique opportunity to fully experience how erotic massage turns into a real art.
You know, who has not experienced the impact of this type of massage, he did not take the best from life!
Our salon complies with the strict rule of confidentiality, and does not provide intimate services!
Here you will hide from prying eyes, relax your body and soul, enjoy the mystery of erotic massage Kiev, undisguised feelings and gentle touches.
Masseuses will help you release your passionate desires outside and choose the path of penetration into your everyday life, which you will gradually begin to enjoy and wonder. Believe me, you will be grateful and grateful for the sensations that you will find in our salon.
Only here you will find out that a real erotic massage performed by experienced and professional masseuses is a huge benefit for the health of your body and soul, as well as strengthening the masculine principle. And this should not be a rare occurrence, let it become a familiar ritual in your life!
We will be very glad to see you in the King salon in Kiev!

Kiev has known this type of service as erotic massage for a long time. However, our salon is special, and we hope that our features will suit your taste.

We stand for quality, not quantity

The priority of the King salon (Kiev) is high quality services, and not a race for the number of visitors. We believe that the “conveyor belt” in such a field as erotic massage is simply unacceptable.

Away “hack”!

If a girl allows herself to complain to a guest about fatigue, lack of sleep, performs an erotic massage, so to speak, carelessly, in the King salon (Kiev) she will not stay long.

Your wishes are the law for us!

Are you assigned to a specific masseuse for a specific time? It is at this time and this particular girl will be waiting for you!

We do not impose anything

If appropriate, the employees of King (Kiev) can offer their guests any additions to the program or drinks from the bar. But this is just a suggestion! It does not oblige you to anything!

Working hours of girls online

The information on our website is updated several times a day, so you can easily find out who is working right now and when the masseuse will appear, to which you would like to attend.

Certified specialists

All King’s employees are trained in professional massage. But, naturally, each of them has their own experience in such a field as erotic massage, and their own “zest”. Therefore, if you could not make your choice in advance, contact the administrator. Its task is to suggest which of the girls is the best for you to get on erotic massage.

Free add-ons In the “King” salon (Kiev) the following free services are included in any program: – full nudity of the girl performing erotic massage during the session; – a glass of cognac with lemon, tea-coffee, sweet; – disposable underwear and slippers.

Without embellishment

We do not publish on the King website the photos of girls who do erotic massage improved with the help of graphic editors, as well as those who have worked with us before. Everyone you see is working in the salon at the moment.

We value your time

If you think that the time of the session begins when you leave the shower and ends when you go there, when the erotic massage is over, then you are absolutely right! If you have to wait (which is extremely rare), this time in the “King” salon is added to the program free of charge.

We respect your individuality

If you wish to keep secret something from your personal life or work, the girl will not touch upon this topic in conversation with you during the session. Also in the “King” salon (Kiev) masseuses will treat your erotic fantasies and wishes regarding relaxation methods with understanding and respect.
Allow yourself to improve the quality of your life, discover the world of new pleasures with the “Erotic massage” service in the “King” salon!

About the types of erotic massage

I would like to say a few words about the types of erotic massage in Kiev, this wide list includes both classic massage with essential oils and massage that amazes with its tenderness and at the same time the strength and energy of our masseuses. Each of them is a professional in their field, whether it be oriental art, massage, Thai massage of individual parts of the body, or an erotic show. We are pleased to hear from our clients only warm responses and that our girls can do the best erotic massage in Kiev, but most of all we are pleased with the views of clients in which relaxation, satisfaction and pleasure are read. At your request, we can create a massage exactly as you imagined it, even if it is not in our standard program, all you need to do is just whisper about it to our masseuse. After all, the most important thing for us is the complete satisfaction and relaxation of our valued clients. Every day, mired in their routine problems, our dear Kievans torture themselves. The erotic massage salon “King” creates a secluded world where you can have a great rest from all troubles enjoying sensitive touches and relaxing massage. Another great advantage that distinguishes us from other massage parlors is the gift massage. Order your friend, colleague or business partner an unforgettable seductive show. The touch of our masseuses will not only improve physical well-being, dispensaries for various diseases, but also give a surge of positive emotions in combination with complete relaxation. After such a reception or gift, any partner or friend will have only positive and vivid memories of our massage. Erotic massage Kiev is your island of pleasure and relaxation. Overstrain has a dangerous effect on the well-being of our clients, our massage will deprive you of this ailment and make you feel rest, vigor and relaxation. Royal VIP premium and Crazy Night deserve special attention in our programs. Royal VIP premium is a whole set of erotic massage, striptease, shower cocktail and all this is seasoned with the tart taste of expensive champagne. Crazy Night is our special eight hour offer for the most demanding clients. What does it include? This is a surprise, let us say only that this is an unforgettable erotic massage in Kiev that has no analogues in the city. It is almost impossible to describe in words the erotic massage salon “King”, just as it is impossible to convey in words the delight of fine art. Convenient location in Kiev, attention and sensitivity of our masseuses, will plunge into the world of relaxation. “King” is the place where you will meet all your desires in the world of relaxation!