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Erotic massage from the King salon in Kiev

Эротик массажOn the pre-holiday days, every man has thoughts about purchasing an original gift that will delight and surprise his beloved.
In search of a worthy present, we spend a lot of time and finally, having achieved the desired goal, we supplement the purchase with a bouquet of flowers. But will the next congratulation be unusual, not different from the many previous ones? Most likely no. Undoubtedly, it will bring joy to a woman, but it is unlikely to be remembered for a long time. To emphasize your love and affection, you need some sensation, a little out of the usual rules. That is why it is worth decorating the holiday with an unforgettable addition in such a format as an erotic massage from the King salon in Kiev. It will be a pleasant surprise that will put your feelings on a higher level in the relationship.
If you want to make it at home, then first of all you need to create a romantic setting. Your bedroom should be transformed into a fabulous place with subdued lighting, quiet pleasant music, a love bed decorated with silk sheets. Also, you should purchase massage oil in advance, with your soulmate’s favorite aroma. It is better if the beloved woman does not see these “preparations”, otherwise the surprise will not be so effective. If all went well and she was not aware of the upcoming night of love, blindfold her and take her to the bedroom. Do not let her remove the bandage until you personally remove her clothes and put her on the bed. Slowly undressing your beloved, kiss those corners of her body that you expose. This tenderness and mystery will inflame passion and enhance the sensations of the process.
And so, the woman is naked and is already determined to continue further actions. Remove the blindfold from your eyes and allow it to enjoy the view of the romantic setting. Next, place her on her stomach, pour some scented oil on her back, and begin to perform slow, circular strokes. Gently massage the entire body, from neck to toes, without leaving an inch of skin unattended. Try not to be distracted and not to interrupt the contact, so it is advised to conduct an erotic massage at the King salon in Kiev. The massage can be accompanied by quiet words about the beauty and dignity of her body, this is necessary so that the woman does not think about extraneous things that can spoil the whole erotic mood. Sexologists believe that any part of the female body can be an erogenous zone, you just need to be able to sensually caress it. At first, do not touch the main foci of voluptuousness (nipples, vagina), the woman should be thoroughly warmed up, made to languish with desire, and only then proceed to stimulate these zones. Thus, you can significantly enhance the sexual pleasure and orgasm of your beloved.
Nipple caresses can be varied: gently bite, pinch and rub them. Many women like it when the nipples are pulled a little, but the main thing here is not to overdo it and thereby not cause pain. Also massage the genitals with oil. Start with the pubis, gradually descending lower and lower, so the King salon in Kiev advises to conduct an erotic massage. The entrance to the vagina is very sensitive, so circular manipulations in this area will be especially delightful. Separate the labia and gently rub the area around the clitoris. Not all ladies like it when the clitoris itself is stimulated directly, as this causes too sharp and even unpleasant sensations, and the area around it is very sensitive, therefore many are used for masturbation. Most likely, your beloved will experience an orgasm (or several) even before you get close to her in a love rush. A massage session can be considered complete when a woman burns with passion and desires only one thing – to merge with you as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, such an end to the holiday will be special for your beloved, and your efforts to present an original gift will remain in the most pleasant memories.