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Erotic massage is what the doctor ordered!

Эромассаж в КиевеFriends advised to go for an erotic massage in the “King” salon, along the way giving him the best recommendations. Naturally, I wanted to know more about this institution. Well, Google immediately gave out the coveted address: Typing it in the browser, I was pleasantly amazed by both beautiful girls and very democratic prices. One hour erotic massage – 600 hryvnia. That in translation at the current rate is less than one and a half thousand rubles! Heh, with that kind of money, they won’t be allowed on the doorstep. And then they also treat them to champagne. And a 10% discount if you come before noon. In short, practically communism.

In general, the choice was made and at the appointed hour I set off. It turned out that “King” is on the first floor of a large apartment building. But, thanks to the noticeable sign, it didn’t take long to look for it. Met a polite administrator, introduced me to the girls, of whom I liked Marina the most. I also read extremely positive reviews about her on the site, but the reality surpassed all expectations. Beautiful big eyes, long legs and, of course, golden hands. And also sociable. Well, there is no need to describe the rest of the details. I’d rather say something else …


Let’s just say it surpasses many domestic counterparts. To be honest, I didn’t expect it. Linens pleasant to the touch, flowing fabrics, magnificent curtains, large mirrors, soft dim light and … quiet pleasant music. Everything is done so that you can rest and relax here.


Returning home and telling my friends about the wonderful salon “King”, I came across some misunderstanding. Some asked, “Why did you go there? Is there really a shortage of women with reduced, so to speak, social responsibility in Kiev? ” No. I believe that they are there the same as elsewhere. Simply erotic massage has its undeniable advantages:

– First, among other things, it is also a massage. That is, the procedure is definitely beneficial to health.
– Secondly, due to the lack of direct contact, there is a 100% guarantee that you will not bring home any nasty things.
– Thirdly, it seems like not treason. So the conscience remains clear. Almost.
– Fourthly, there is no danger of facing any crime. For example, that they will add clonidine and rob.
In short, women of Kiev, wait. I will come to you again …